Better Together


We are doing what we can to help uplift our healthcare community responding to COVID-19.
They are on the front lines keeping us all safe and healthy. We appreciate and admire all that they are doing. So now, we are figuring out ways for you to help too.

We hope that a pair FJOLK's from our community might be a small token of our appreciation. Here's how we are doing it.

Healthcare Worker Donation

We’re working hard to support healthcare workers
responding to COVID-19. Here you can help, too.
With your donation, we will automatically donate a pair of
FJOLK shoes to thank and show appreciation to
a healthcare professional within our community.

To our healthcare community

As supplies last and as our inventory allows. We are sending shoes to anyone who
works in healthcare and is on the front lines fighting COVID-19 right now.

Email an we will add you to our list of healthcare workers.
Our list is incredibly large and unfortunately,
this means we won't be able to accommodate each and every request.
But, we will continue to do our best.

Thank you.

Be safe and healthy

Thank you all for supporting
each other during this unprecedented time.
We're optomistic that with your support we can make a positive impact.